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“We Do Not Design a Product, But Life Cycle”

PARA products are designed with sustainable packaging. Every packages receive a second life through recusing. Additionally the packaging is made from a kraft unbleached paper without glue. The pattern is designed to save paper in a printing process and uses every inch of white space possible.

PARA Natural Rubber

Your New Eco-Experience

PARA values the resources available in Thailand and aims to offer products in an environmentally-friendly way under simple innovative design. We do not design a product, but the life cycle instead and in order to do so, Para is then the brand that works with environmentally- responsible components and fully recyclable packaging.

Made of 100% Natural Rubber

Natural rubber is originally derived from latex found in the sap of rubber trees from Thailand, the first largest producer and exporter of natural rubber in the world. We created this natural feel to reflect the naturally sourced material from rubber trees. Starting from the aspect of sustainability. The rubber trees have a long life so, they also help the soil erosion problem as they are running off water on soil surface. Obviously, PARA delivers nature to your eco - experience with eco-thinking.

PARA Marbled-SET

Environmentally Friendly

Natural rubber is a biodegradable and sustainable resource. They help us to reduce carbon footprint since natural rubber trees absorb Carbon Dioxide for their growing. They also help the soil erosion problem by running off water on soil surface.

100% Non-Toxic

Natural Rubber is safer for your health since it is proven to be antibacterial, anti-dust mite and 100% non-toxic

Orakarn Sayatanan

Orakarn Sayatanan,

Born in 1989, Bangkok, Thailand. She received a Master in Product Design (MPD) in 2016 from Domus Academy in Milan, Italy and a Bachelor of Industrial Design in 2012 from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), Bangkok, Thailand. She is a designer and social entrepreneur looking to add value to one of Thailand’ Top commodity: natural rubber. Her designs include lifestyle products with eco-minded concept.

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