Business Talk with PARA by DITP Think Thailand

Could you tell us that story behind Para?

Para brand emerged from three key words, climate and creativity, namely Thailand. Those three words we use to drive our business. Our main intention is to find raw materials in Thailand to add value to them, and then create environmentally friendly products. We use our skills in product design to create simple and creative sustainable goods to make a difference

Whose potential customers are you?

The main market is people who lead an eco-friendly lifestyle, mostly in European countries like Italy, France and Switzerland. For those interested in architecture and engineering it is a niche market domestically. The customers are international to 70 per cent and domestic to 30%.

DITP Think Thailand talks to Orakarn Sayatanan, Founder and Designer of young-but-niche eco brand Para, who started her business out of a passion about the environment and an entrepreneurial sense of adventure.

What is Para’s Future?

We plan to be a sustainable business. In addition to increasing product lines, we will find other Thai materials to add value. However, in the next one to three years, we will still focus on rubber as it is a material that can be developed further. We ‘d like Thai people to see that our country has many good things that can be sold on the world market. It only needs our passion and effort to drive

Have you won any awards?

We have gained quite a lot of awards and achievements. For example, in 2019, we appeared at Fuorisalone during the Milan Design Week. In 2018, we joined Maison & Object for Paris Design Week. We also received The Best Young Designer from THAIAIM, including Thailand Green Design Awards and also joined Taiwan Creative Expo, Taipei and The Finest Thai, Singapore. Some of the

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