PARA Wins IP Champion 2020

IP Champion 2020 selected Tree-In-One, Eco-wine stopper to be a winner for this year with the concept of innovation for a green future.

PARA Wins IP Champion 2020-

Department of Intellectual Property Ministry of Commerce Invitation to natural persons State enterprise business operator, government agency And higher education institutions Which owns the intellectual property Invention Patent Type Product design patent Trademarks and copyrights which have been registered or notified to the Department of Intellectual Property And there is a concrete commercial use Participated in the selection for the IP Champion Award of the Year 2020 (IP Champion 2020).

Awardees will receive a plaque and certificate. With the opportunity to participate in activities of the Department of Intellectual Property Including support to participate in activities of agencies within the Ministry of Commerce

PARA Wins IP Champion 2020-1

Thank you for seeing the value and driving green innovation for Thailand with us.

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