PARA Story by Orakarn, PARA in TV ch33

The Story of PARA by PuenKueKid channel33
To understand the whole vision with innovative design of PARA

Friday 1 February at 10.50 On Channel 33.

The Story of PARA

" The Story of PARA "To understand the whole vision with innovative design of PARA ใครพลาดไป มาชมย้อนหลังกันได้เลยจ้า 🙂 #thePARAstory.Interviewee: Orakarn SayatananLacation: design about Co.,Ltd.VDO: รายการเพื่อนคู่คิด ( 1 Feb 2019 )

Zveřejnil(a) PARA dne Pátek 1. února 2019

Interviewee: Orakarn Sayatanan 


Design helps change raw material or normal things To a new products by adding value into it by innovation. This is a strong keyword that makes designs become more efficient and amazing, like the new generation of entrepreneur, Orakarn Sayatanan who are passionate about creativity and interested in innovation so she considers Natural Rubber that can be processed into a variety of products to create a new product like Tree-In-One, Innovative bottle stoppers with 3 different functions. This innovation is not only a new idea, also help adding value to raw material, natural rubber and reducing waste for our planet as well.

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