4 Easy Steps for Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is and beautiful culture and process. It’s always an amazing experience even it can be messy sometimes. Firstly, just open your mind and accept anything thing it’s happening even it’s beautiful or awful. Then just enjoy the time of every step. Don’t be stress because wine tasting is a kind of art. Trust me the tasting has a lot of fun and satisfying!


From my experience, I heard many of the sentences as “white wines tastes all same”. The truth is every bottle of wine taste and smells totally different which are the most charming for wine lover.

4S ( see, swirl, smell, sip ), the basic step for wine tasting

Step 1 – See

Starting from seeing and looking at your glass of wine. If you have red wine, it’s better to keep your glass away from brick or read backdrop to look more clear. red wine can have the colour of dark purple till light red. White wine should be seen as a golden amber in colour. Generally, the darker colour of white wine shows the older age of them. Moreover, If you see the white wine as a crystal clear, congratulation! you got the good one.

Step 2 – Swirl

Before step up to the next one, the second step is also important which is swirling your glass to open the wine in order to aerate it and release its charming smell.

Step 3 Smell

Yes, Smell. It’s just an easy process which brings you many kinds of art and feeling. you can place your nose in the top of the glass and pay attention, ( and close your eyes ) to smell the wine. Now, it’s time to talk to yourself. Is that the smell of fruit? if yes, what kind of fruit are inside? or what does it smell like? take your time and enjoy the smell.

Step 4 – Sip

The last step is the one many people is waiting for, Sip! move your mouth closer to the wine and sip with imagination. Is the taste like the smell? What are the combination of this unique taste? Many question that you can ask yourself during tasting wine and enjoy every moment as much as you can

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